All manner of Marine covers for yachts, boats, dinghies, ranging from the smallest, snuggest cockpit tonneau covers to large winter layup covers.

  • Sail Covers
  • Stackpacks
  • hatch & skylight covers
  • Berth & cockpit cushions
  • Specialist dingy covers
  • Tail bags, and Jockey seat bags
  • Full framed enclosures
  • Bimini tops
  • soft zip-on cockpit tents & awnings
Sportboat winter covers
Experimental dinghy covers
Full MV enclosures
Cockpit Tonneau covers
RIB Console covers
Working launch cover
Winter Layup cover
Pilot Gig Covers

We excel in specialised Sprayhood design and specialist hoods, and re-covers of existing frame sets.

Whatever you have, from an old legacy Sprayhood to a new bare boat that needs a sharp new design, we can make solutions to inspire.

Other products include, but not limited to;

  • Boom tents
  • Winter covers
  • Mooring & Pontoon covers
  • Actually, anything for boats.
RIB Console covers
Towing/winter covers
Cockpit & berth cushions
Binnacle Cover
Tonneau & bimini boots
RIB seat jockey bags
Bespoke dinghy covers

All products available in a full range of colours and appropriate materials.
What do you need? Please get in touch.