Work starts – pattern laid out
Works ends – finished cover
Fitted to Gig.
And one for a skiff

We make Pilot Gig covers, for both class GRP Gigs, and wooden Pilot Gigs, especially those made by Gail McGarva.

Patterns stocked were taken off Black Ven and Tempest of the Lyme Regis Gig club, and AVOCET from the Exmouth Club.

Pilot Gig Covers

Covers available in two essential versions :


  • comes with additional stud-down flaps for trailer straps.
  • With side skirts which reach down towards the waterline and straps that secure under the hull.


  • short sides and attaches to hooks under the gunwhale.
  • Not suitable for trailing, but can be fitted on a mooring for weather protection, ideal for a training gig kept afloat.

Both versions come with 2 adjustable telescopic support poles and vents to allow decent air circulation and yet keep the cover shedding water properly and a stainless steel ratchet system for tensioning the cover at the bow.

The Trailer cover to either fit down to near-waterline, which features 5 under-hull belly straps, and a mooring cover for use afloat, which attaches via shock cord and needs hooks securing to the strake under the Gunwhale. The Trailer cover also has 3 pairs of stud down flaps to allow transport straps to hold the Gig to it’s trailer, allowing the Gig to be transported at the maximum road speed – 60mph in the UK.

Close-up of trailer strap slots – 6 per cover, 3 per side.

Available in a range of colours in either totally waterproof or a breathable fabrics, lettering can be added in almost any font to match your Gig’s or club’s name, and covers can be despatched worldwide.

If your Gig is sponsored, the sponsor’s logo can also be added at time of construction and sewn to the cover.

So if your Gig needs a cover, get in touch. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. Any cover can be modified to your individual requirements.

We can also make similar styled covers for other types of rowing craft, including 4m rowing Skiffs, and any rowing craft.