Cockpit & berth cushions
OEM replacements
New and refurbished

We can supply new cushions for interior and exterior use – for cabin interiors, cockpits and powerboat sun-decks. If you have need of cushions, please contact us.

  • Berth & cabin cushions & backs.
  • Cockpit cushions.
  • Seat bases.
  • Long bench cushions for boats,
    commercial pub seating and home kitchens, etc.
  • Waterproof or “comfortable” in an extensive range of
    materials, Vinyls and Acrylics.

Vinyl seating repairs and Upholstery – cautionary advice.

We can do strictly limited repairs on upholstery vinyls.
But please be aware, if you have something like burst seams or ripped panels on aged vinyl covered seats, the cheapest way to fix this, especially with most modern powercraft is to buy replacements direct from the manufacturer or their UK agent.

And if you are ordering anything for your boat, especially if its an imported powercraft, always remember to take the boat’s manufacturer’s build number off the builder’s plate, not just quote the boat make and model. This can be an expensive mistake.

So, why are repairs so expensive?

Well, the time taken to dismantle the seats just to get at the burst seams can take a long time, as can re-assembling the things. So even for a short seam burst on the middle of the seat swab, this can involve several hours’ work.
And then, the seam can burst again when someone sits on it, as the vinyl on the seam has aged too much.

So as a general principle, when your vinyl seating starts to burst apart, its best to just save up and replace it all in one go. Or just live with the duct tape. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.