• Sail washing & repairs
  • Cover washing and re-proofing
  • Re-stitching to extend item life
  • Running repairs
The grubby
The clean

Full disclosure at this point, the two images above, the sprayhood was photographed when fitted new, and the grubby is after some 7 years use.

However, very grubby, lichen encrusted covers, if the cloth is still viable, can be given a new lease of life with washing.

We work with a professional commercial laundering company who use a cold-wash process to really clean your covers, and who will pass the item through the wash as many times as it takes to get it clean.

This hood has just had a comprehensive re-stitch after 10 year’s service. The window vinyl, PVC facings and cloth are all fine, and only the bolt roping needed replacing. This was even hand-scrubbed clean, rather than professionally cleaned. That’s why there’s no pictures of it…
Far better to get it properly laundered.

The added bonus – sails & covers come back smelling like fresh hotel bedsheets. I’m not sure if this is a strong selling point, but it always puts a smile on the client’s face when opening the bag.

However – a note of caution. Clear vinyl suffers from UV damage, and though washing will remove some dirt, it will not fix window vinyl that has started to go cloudy or brittle. The only fix for that situation is window replacement.

Which, of course, we also do.