We don’t normally do “Nauticalia” – bags, etc., in house, as these are normally made and mass-produced items, but we are happy to introduce the work of Sophie Coleman, who re-purposes sailcloth and old sails into bags.
We can, and do, make custom bags, like ditty bags, duffle bags and grip bags, but normally as one-off commissions.
So if you are interested in jazzy custom bags, and even some greetings cards, here’s her work at “Sophie Coleman Designs“.

We don’t take anything for Sophie’s works, so please deal directly with her.

For something a bit more “ruffty-tuffty”…

Below is a sample of Mac’s own duffle bag, used daily. Given the time it takes to make, these generally aren’t worth the time to make commercially, but if you want one, we can make one.

Fully waterproof cover material with an internal padded base, ideal for carrying chunky items and delicate objects that cannot stand being dropped. Can also be thrown into a boat, or at people, should the need arise…

Duffle bags, occasionally..

Splicing & knotwork

We are not professional riggers. However, we do have some skills regarding rope, splicing and knotwork, so if you do need the occasional decorative knot or a rope halyard splicing to wire, we can probably do it for a small consideration.