• Patio screens
  • Pergola awnings
  • Shade sails
  • Hot tub privacy screens & pet protection covers
  • Outdoor furniture covers
  • waterproof cushion storage
  • New garden bench cushions
  • Barbecue covers, etc.
Cafe Awnings & shade sails
Wire-slung awning. Top View.
And view from under.
Summer house screen by night…
…and by day
Patio screen from the lawn
and from the inside

Yes, the list is quite extensive. If you have a favourite old swing seat that needs spritzing up, or a new awning for one. A production Gazebo top that has seen better days, or even want to turn an old kite-surfing kite into a garden umbrella, we can do that too.

Shade sails and awnings

The chief mistake made in designing garden awnings is that the real problem is making the support posts and other anchor points strong enough. The awnings themselves will never usually fail, but have to put up with year-round tension applied to fixings which may not be strong enough.

Its worth consulting with us while your project is still in the design stage to eliminate the hazard of expensive mistakes or having to do time-consuming alterations to your build.